Sello Harry Shabe, who grew up in Koffiefontein, is currently working at Petra Diamonds Koffiefontein as a Multi Skilled Operator. He completed Mathematics Literacy and English Communications (Level 4) with Media Works, which has given him the skills needed to progress within his company.

When he first joined Petra Diamonds in 2008, Sello was employed as an electrical assistant. In order to reach his dreams of advancing within the mining sector, Sello realised that maths, as well as the ability to communicate effectively, were crucial skills.

So, he decided to attend the Media Works training offered by his company to improve his mathematics skills and fine tune his English vocabulary. He started training in February 2015, and to date has completed Mathematics Literacy Levels 3 and 4, as well as English Communication Level 4.

Sello took the lessons and coursework very seriously and worked incredibly hard. His determination paid off, and he flew through his exams, attaining 84% for Mathematics Level 3, 68% for English Communication Level 4 and 67% for Mathematics Level 4.

As a result of his training, Sello has been promoted within the company to Multi Skilled Operator. He says that his improved English has been a key factor in his progression.

“If I had not done English Communication Level 4, then I would not have been able to communicate and express myself in the interview (the interview was in English). In my current position, I attend a lot of meetings and good communication is so important. I can handle the job because of the skills I gained through Media Works,” said Sello.

The training has given Sello the skills necessary to write formal letters and draft meeting agendas. It has also helped him to understand more complex mathematics formulas – how to use them and when to apply them effectively on the job.

Sello says that he is now able to work out how many floor tiles or bricks will be needed before a project begins, as well as calculate the costs. The mathematics learning has also given Sello the foundations on which he can study further. He has enrolled in engineering classes at a local FET college, which will help him to progress even further.

Sello, we wish you the very best of luck and look forward to hearing about your future success.