Fortunate Nonhlanha Ngcobo, our August Learner of the Month, has been employed as a machinist at Celrose in Tongaat since August 2014. Fortunate enrolled in English Communications studies through Media Works, which has assisted her to grow and develop within her professional and personal life.  

Fortunate grew up in Inanda in KwaZulu-Natal and currently resides in Ndwedwe. She left school in Grade 5 and felt that her English communications skills were holding her back from pursuing her goals and progressing within her career.  

Celrose offers its employees the chance to upskill themselves through various Adult Education and Training (AET) courses offered by Media Works. Fortunate jumped at the opportunity and enrolled in Media Works’ English Communications course (Level 1) in order to improve her literacy skills.

“I started level 1 in Communication in English. I came to class for 30min every day to do my work on the computer, and at home I was reading and did my work in the workbook. The first time I was wrote exam I was very nervous, but at the end I was so happy, because I passed,” she says.  

Her training began in March 2016 and she has, to date, completed and passed Level 1. Even though Fortunate leaves home at 5am every morning, and returns home in the evenings, she has been very dedicated to her lessons and coursework, and this education has already impacted her life.

“I saw a vacancy notice about a sample machinist job, and I applied. I went for the interview and I was promoted because I could read, understand and communicate well in English. I am learning Level 2 now, and this helps me in my job, because I can read the instructions and job cards, and execute what’s required of me,” says Fortunate.

Fortunate dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer, and she is grateful to Celrose and Media Works for giving her the opportunity to take the next step towards reaching her goals.

“I want to finish my Level 3 and Level 4 and then get my Matric. I am so happy to be on the Media Works AET programme. Thank you, Celrose, for giving me this opportunity and education,” Forunate concludes.   

We wish Fortunate the best of luck for the future!