Accelerate works together with businesses to tackle basic-literacy challenges countrywide.

Accelerate is Media Works's answer to South Africa's illiteracy challenges in the workplace

Who is it for?

Accelerate is for all businesses looking to tackle the challenges presented by employees without basic literacy and mathematical skills.

There are an estimated 4.7 million illiterate adults in South Africa for whom access to this basic education is the only path to an improved, empowered future.

What does it cover?

Developed by South Africans for South Africans, the Accelerate content is culturally sensitive and relevant – promoting empathy, retention and success. Our holistic approach ensures that learners become equipped with the necessary literacy and mathematical skills to succeed in the workforce – while also developing the life skills needed to be and feel their very best.

How is it taught?


The Accelerate facilitators present relevant, outcomes-based lessons, guided closely by the material, which is itself the product of over 15 years of research and experience. Remediation and extension mechanisms help the facilitators to extend learning beyond just the training room –to the point where learning meaningfully transforms learners’ lives.


Computer-assisted learning introduces technology to learners in an enjoyable and flexible way. It involves combining time on the computer with workbook activities and learner-facilitator interaction. Here, the facilitator guide complements the computer lessons and also provides the facilitator with tools for remediation and extension.

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