Adult Learner for January 2014



My name is Anelisiwe Gaika, I am 23 years old and I am a research assistant for HIK Abalone Farm, an aquaculture company based in Hermanus in the Western Cape. I work closely with my manager to do research on the abalone that HIK farms– we want to find ways to improve the quality of our abalone and find new methods to grow the abalone quicker. I love my job – it challenges me every day and I have learnt so much.

I enrolled for Adult Education and Training (AET) programmes through my employer at the beginning of 2013. I achieved an 84% pass rate for English Communication Level 3 (Merit) and I am awaiting the results of my Mathematical Literacy Level 2 exam, which I recently wrote.

HIK was so impressed with the results that I achieved that they nominated me for the Best National AET Learner in the AgriSETA Excellence Awards for 2013. I was flown to Johannesburg to attend the awards ceremony and to my surprise, I was placed first out of all national learners, which was a very exciting moment for me.


I matriculated from Gasela High School in King William’s Town at the age of 16. I enrolled for various courses but they never really assisted me in getting a job. In 2011, I decided to move to Hermanus and started working as a casual at HIK. I did whatever was required of me – I filled in for people and basically got involved wherever I was required.

I used to be shy and quiet when I first starting working at HIK, but now that I am able to communicate precise instructions to my fellow colleagues and my reports to the Research and Development Manager have improved greatly. When I realised that I was able to communicate better, I felt more confident. When I was busy with the AET programme, I attended all my classes and I encouraged others to do the same. My manager has told me that I show signs of becoming a true leader, which makes me very proud!

After completing the first part of my course, I became inspired to make a difference in my community in the Eastern Cape. When I go back home to visit my family in the holidays, I volunteer at the hospice and I am dedicated to helping others in need.

The Media Works AET programmes changed my life for the better. I am so grateful to HIK for giving me the opportunity to enroll.