Bring out the Effective Leader in your workforce.
Media Works brings you a SETA accredited National Certificate in General Management (NQF level 5) offered as a learnership.

Programme is based on three modules:

  • Leadership in the Workplace
  • Building Teams
  • Empower Team Members




Skills Programme 1:

Programme is based on three modules:

  • Communication techniques
  • Workplace relationships
  • Emotional intelligence




Skills Programme 2:
Relationship Management

Programme is based on three modules:

  • Manage a diverse workforce to add value
  • Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace
  • Conduct negotiations to deal with conflict situations


Skills Programme 3:
Diversity and Conflict Management

Programme is based on four modules:

  • People Development and Talent Management
  • Monitor and evaluate team members
  • Selecting and coaching managers
  • Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions.

Skills Programme 4:
People Management

Programme is based on two modules:

  • Analyse Finance with Mathematics
  • Manage Finances




Skills Programme 5:
Financial Management

Programme is based on three modules:

  • Best Practice
  • Ethics
  • Knowledge Management




Skills Programme 6:
Best Practice Management

Programme is based on three modules:

  • A systems-approach to decision-making
  • Recommendations for a change process
  • Environments that promote innovation


Skills Programme 7:
Change Management

Programme is based on three modules:

  • Project planning
  • Operational Management
  • Manage Risks




Skills Programme 8:
Results-Based Management


The Generic Management Learnership programme combines theory and workplace practice and will allow you to obtain a registered NQF Level 5 (National Certificate).

The duration of the course can be completed within 12 months (minimum) or 18 months (maximum).

The learnership offers:

  • Learner-centered education
  • A collaborative and Interactive experience
  • Increased flexibility
  • Immediate feedback


The General Management National Certificate offers your employees the opportunity to become the organisations future managers.

Your employee will:

  • Develop critical problem-solving skills
  • Build their self-esteem, and naturally increase their contributions to the business
  • Manage projects with a key-understanding which will lead to successful project roll-out


As an employer you will benefit by:

  • Motivated staff
  • Improved business operations
  • Increased productivity


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