Emily Banda

October FOTM


Emily Banda is a Media Works facilitator who based in Johannesburg. Describing herself as an “energetic person”, Emily works with a wide range of clients including Kagiso Tiso Holdings, Kaya FM and Mammoet SA.


  1. Why did you become a Media Works facilitator?

I have always wanted to be a teacher but I could not afford to go to college.  In 2009 I found out about Media Works and jumped at the opportunity to become one of their  facilitators. Teaching is my passion.


  1. Describe your typical day as a facilitator

My day  starts  with  me  sending an SMS to the learners reminding them of the timetable for the day and asking them to meet me in class.  In addition to working through their lessons with them, my role as a facilitator requires me to mark books, go through the corrections  with the learners, and record their scores.


  1. What is the best part of your job?

Having group sessions with  my  learners  is  the best.  I normally see learners individually but once in a month, we all meet to discuss anything they want. I ask them to bring up topics that others in the group would learn from e.g. an educational program they saw on tv/ that they read about, or a current affairs issue that impact on them.


  1. What is the hardest part of your job?

I get really upset when learners  do not  attend  their classes. I normally go and find them and ask them to come to class or at least to get their workbooks for me to mark. It is frustrating when the excuse they give me is that they “forgot their books at home”.


  1. Is there any specific learner who has made an impact on your life?

I have a student who is an  elderly  woman at Kagiso Tiso Holdings in Sandton. She is currently doing  Accelerate (AET) Level 4. Although she works slowly, she is determined to  complete  her  course.  It is  learners  like  her  that keep me motivated and remind me of why I wanted to teach.