Faciliator at Sisters of Mercy

Euguene Phoofolo is a Media Works Facilitator at Sisters of Mercy where they run the Media Works AET Maths and Communiation courses. Sisters of Mercy currently have learning centres in Berea and Rosebank and are planning to re-open a learning centre in Winterveld shortly.

We had a cup of coffee with Eugene recently and chatted to him about his role as a facilitator.

Q&A with Eugene Phoofolo

  1. Why did you decide to become a Media Works Facilitator?

I wanted to empower people with computer skills and help them to become literate and speak better English. My goal is to help them to find jobs and work in careers that improve their lives.

  1. Describe a typical day at the Learning Center?

In addition to Media Works AET Communication and Maths from Levels 1 to 4, we offer computer lessons for programmes like Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.  On a typical day, we run our AET courses from 9am to noon. After lunch, we run the basic computer courses until 3pm.

  1. What is the best part of your job as a Facilitator?

I like to help people and see them become qualified and get a job. I like to see positive results. It is exciting to be a part of that!

  1. How do you keep a learner focused during a lesson?

We focus on one thing at a time and I break the lesson into small steps.

  1. Please share your top 3 study tips for learners who are looking for inspiration:
    • It is about you as a person. When you display a good attitude, it opens many doors
    • If you don’t have ego, you go further in life. Sometimes people think they are too good to do a job.
    • People do business with people they like, if you fit within the culture and structure you are more likely to go further.