Kenneth Augustes

LOTM Aug 2016


An unexpected journey with Media Works

28th of August 2015

The date that the advert appeared on social media, where it was seen for the first time by me…

The most amazing part of the advert was that we would be paid to study! EMS, Maths and English – I had never heard of an experience like this before!

What is this, who does this and who benefits from this?

I was skeptical at first, but accepted the challenge. We met with the Project Manager Noeleen Smale at the advertised venue in the community.

For the first time whispers of “ABET” were circling amongst the prospective learners, some seeing it as a ‘downgrade’ and a waste of time, but for a clueless, curious, community enabler like myself, it had to be more than what the whispers implied?

We signed up, although we were still not clear about what “ABET” was. We grasped the first lesson with enthusiasm and gusto, ready to change the world.

On about the third day in, it became clear, but the three months scheduled ahead for the duration of the course seemed unnecessary… I was pretty sure we could nail this in a week and the whispers of “ABET” returned.

My first question was answered:

What is this?

Noticing that some matriculants struggled a bit with the work, myself included, we quickly realised there was some purpose to this project and it may have not be as easy as initially thought. The facilitator, Mr. Herb Mostert guided us, and educated us on the company itself, Media Works.

Thus the answer to my second question:

Who does this?

Being a natural teacher, it was clear that there would be the “Go-To” guy in the class and as it turned out to be, myself.

Working with fellow learners, it became clear that there was a need for this education in our community, possibly one that has been overlooked unnecessary and so the next obvious question for me was, would it be possible for me to facilitate this type of course to anybody?

Mr. Mostert made it look easy…and the desire to do just that took seed and was planted.

Revealing the answer to my final question:

Who benefits from this?

Having completed and aced the community project course on completion in December 2015, a Media Works Facilitator was born – I am enjoying every moment and the challenges of it.

Media Works is doing what I believe a very few companies have the courage to venture into – “AET” adult education and training. There is such a huge need for this in South Africa and I’m honoured to be a part of it.