Gladstone Segabutle is a Stock Controller at the Onderstepoort Campus of the University of Pretoria. Having grown up in Hammanskraal, Gladstone joined The University of Pretoria in 1993.

Through hard work and dedication to his job Gladstone has seen his career progress during his time at the university. He joined the university as a cleaner before being promoted to work in the kitchen to assist with food preparation in 1994.

In 2012, Gladstone was once again promoted to become a stock controller in the warehouse. This role requires him to complete a number of tasks including stock counting, receiving of invoices and stock, and arranging stock according to FIFO system.

Gladstone decided to sign up for the Media Works Accelerate programme to improve his communication and numeracy skills in the workplace; “I wanted to improve my English, both in terms of speaking and writing. I also wanted to improve my maths skills.”

The programme started in March 2015 and to date Gladstone has completed Levels 2 to 4 of Communication and Level 2 of Numeracy. At the beginning of this year Gladstone started Level 3 in Numeracy.

Although Gladstone has found the courses challenging at times, he pushes himself to do better in each exam that he writes; “When l started AET training, it was like starting school all over again, but I have been working very hard and my goal is to achieve higher credits every time l sit an examination.”

Gladstone’s ambitions will ensure that he continues to grow and push himself in his career; “l am currently doing Numeracy Level 3, and by April l should be done, and will then move to Level 4 and be able to do the other learning areas like Life Skills and Economics.”

The support that Gladstone has received from his manager has made the journey easier.

“Elize Gildernhuys, my line manager, is quite happy with my performance and is very supportive of my learning. l look forward to going to work every day because my understanding of my work has improved drastically. Some things that l used to find very challenging are now simpler, which makes me happy and less stressed at work,” said Gladstone.

Training in English and maths has been equally beneficial for Gladstone.

“When I needed to write a report for work l used to ask my kids to draft the reports for me in English, then l would copy them. This was quite embarrassing and humiliating, and not to mention time consuming. Now, I am able to draft the reports at work. This has made my life so much easier,” he continued.

“My perception of mathematics has also really changed. l never used to like numeracy at all, but because of how the facilitators have taught us, I am now realising that maths is doable,” Gladstone said.

Gladstone’s performance has been noticed and he is proud of the recognition he has received; “My managers have acknowledged my achievements and I have been recognised at company functions for having done well through AET. Recently l received a monetary award and a certificate for naming our training center, Thuoto ga e go lelwe AET Centre, which means ‘it’s never too late, you are never too old to learn’. This makes me proud.”

Gladstone would encourage others to develop their skills, if they are given the opportunity; “Do not waste time, join AET training now no matter how old you are. You will be developed and be able to read, speak and write in English and complete calculations much easier.”