Maleloko Dhlamini, a Media Works AET Facilitator at Petra Diamonds, Koffiefontein, originally hails from Maseru in Lesotho. She completed her Bachelor of Education at the National University of Lesotho and joined Media Works as a facilitator in 2013.

Maleloko has a great passion for teaching and has always enjoying sharing knowledge with her learners. Before becoming a Media Works Adult Education and Training (AET) facilitator in Bloemfontein in 2013, Maleloko was a teacher at a private secondary school in QwaQwa, where she taught geography. She is currently based in Koffiefontein, at Petra Diamonds.

Maleloko decided to become a facilitator with Media Works as she wanted to reach out to the many South Africans who are unable to effectively communicate in English due to unfortunate circumstances of their past, that caused them to drop out of school. It is through facilitation and the access to quality education that adult learners in South Africa can get ahead.

“The best part of my job is seeing a learner progress academically. It makes me feel fulfilled and gives me courage to wake up with energy each day, hoping to make a positive impact on my learners. On the flipside of this is when a learner decides to dropout, despite your best efforts to keep him or her in class. This always hits me very hard,” says Maleloko.

There are quite a few learners that have made a big impact on Maleloko’s life, but there are two learners in particular – Sello Shabe and Gizane Sam – who have most definitely left their mark.

Two dedicated students, who persevered despite the odds, since day one, they have worked incredibly hard, and shown an immense passion to learn and amazing respect to the coursework, their facilitator and fellow learners.

“Sello and Gizane’s undivided focus and passion to their work has been tremendous to see. They are now enrolled at a local FET College to pursue their dreams within mining. It is these kind of leaners that make me wake up each day wanting to make a difference in learners’ lives regardless of what the challenges might be,” said Maleloko.

While Maleloko enjoys her work as a facilitator tremendously, she admits that it does comes with challenges. She thanks her Project Manager, Esther Medupe, for her calmness, integrity and diplomacy, which sets a great example for others to follow.

Maleloko says that in her role as a facilitator she finds that she is constantly learning new skills: “Learning is not only done in the classroom, by learning every day from others, you become equipped with so many skills can that help you grow in both your professional and personal life.”