Accelerate Pro

Media Works’ new programme takes adult education in SA to the next level.

The Best Even Better

Media Works is proud to launch Accelerate Pro, an update of our flagship Accelerate programme – the leading and most widely used AET programme in South Africa, for over 22 years.

New and improved

Equipping adult learners with vital communication and numerical skills, Accelerate Pro is a National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 1 programme that uses a combination of computer-assisted and face-to-face training methodologies designed to meet the literacy needs of adult learners in our country.

Now with Bubbles

Accelerate Pro harnesses and fine tunes best-practice solutions in blended learning. Through implementing new Quick Response (QR) code technology, called ‘Bubbles’, within the textbook pages, learners now have access to short multimedia lessons via their mobile phone.

Since first launching our Accelerate programme, we have constantly been making adjustments and improvements to meet the needs of South Africa’s adult learners. Accelerate Pro is an exciting and important next step, which takes AET learning material – both the content and the way it’s presented – to a whole new level. Jackie Caroll

CEO, Media Works

The new Accelerate Pro programme includes:

High quality computer based and paper-based course material delivered to learners through a combination of innovative media and technologies
QR codes within learner workbooks that link to ‘Bubbles’, which contain short, well-contained lesson summaries and overviews, which learners can easily access on their mobile devices
Dedicated Accelerate Pro facilitators who expertly guide and support learners through the course material
A dynamic learning management system (LMS) equipped with clearly outlined lesson plans, outcomes and objectives to help facilitators prepare for and facilitate learning
A Facilitators Guide that provides facilitators with ideas for remediation and extensions to help challenge learners where necessary

It starts with you

We look forward to enhancing AET learning in South Africa through Accelerate Pro, assisting companies to upskill and empower their workforce. The holistic learning approach ensures that learners become equipped with the necessary literacy and mathematical skills to succeed in the workforce – while also developing the life skills needed to be and feel their very best. Contact us to harness this effective illiteracy solution for your business.