Business Employment Relations


NQF Level 3 – (US 10170)

Those learners who achieve the outcomes of this course will be able to demonstrate an understanding of employment relations in an organisation.

The qualifying learner is able to:

  • Contribute to the effective functioning of an organisation by understanding the roles of various stakeholders in the organisation, and understanding agreements, policies and procedures related to employment in the organisation.



The course consists of the following lessons:

Module 1 – Stakeholders in an organisation

  • Topic 1: Understanding the business environment
  • Topic 2: Identifying stakeholders
  • Topic 3: Stakeholder interests
  • Topic 4: Stakeholder analysis

Module 2 – Policies and procedures

  • Topic 1: Policies in the workplace
  • Topic 2: Behaviour in the workplace
  • Topic 3: Disciplinary procedures
  • Topic 4: Grievance procedures

Module 3 – Employment related agreements

  • Topic 1: Employment contracts
  • Topic 2: Other agreements
  • Topic 3: Workers’ compensation and collective agreements
  • Topic 4: Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA)

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