Evaluate is the Adult Education (AET) projects division of Media Works that ensures that your AET training programme is relevant and customised to your organisation’s unique needs.

Our team of AET implementation experts will ensure that your organisation achieves its Adult Education and Training (AET) goals in the most effective way.

Our Evaluators partner with your organisation to gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs and align their customised AET recommendations to meet your organisation’s unique requirements.

AET implementation must be relevant, customised and professionally managed in order to truly benefit both learner and employer. Don’t let your costs run away; Poorly managed AET training projects can blow your budget!

Trust the leaders in Adult Education and Training to design your customised AET programme.





Whether you are doing a skills audit or hiring new staff, Assure is the assessment tool you need to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Just because you’re hiring or training workers instead of executives doesn’t mean that you can cut corners doing it. It’s precisely when job candidates aren’t at matric level that you need to exercise great care in identifying their skills levels, and sift out the best of the bunch through an assessment process. This enables companies to select those who show promise and career potential.

The biggest cost faced by your organisation is arguably the cost of hiring and training the wrong people. The Assure assessment tool can help you to eliminate these costs through early detection of skills levels and a candidate/employee’s potential.

We have developed a new assessment tool called Assure, which is designed to separate those who truly show promise from those who are not the best fit for your business. You can then easily create a shortlist of those candidates / employees you truly want to have working in your organisation.

Assure assessment tool looks at 3 components: Adult Education (AET), Foundational Learning (FLC) and a candidate’s ability to understand concepts and assimilate new information.

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