Learner of October

My name is Siyasanga Ngqayimbana. I started working as an abalone farm employee in 2009 at HIK Abalone Farm in the Western Cape. I found out that there was a literacy and numeracy programme, provided by training specialist Media Works and funded by the AgriSETA, available to all employees. I immediately decided to join the workplace adult education and training (AET) programme.

The first reason I chose to enrol was to improve my English. At that stage, I had no idea where it would lead. I just knew that an opportunity was being offered to me and that I should take it. I worked very hard, attending the training for several hours a week, and achieved certificates in both learning areas.

In 2011, I was nominated for an AgriSETA Excellence Award and won in the category of Best Performing AET Learner. I attended the Awards Ceremony in Johannesburg – it was an experience I will never forget. It was the first time I had been amongst high profile people and it left a huge impression on me. I gained confidence and I realised that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

It has always been my dream to work in the medical field, because I want to help people. When I returned to Cape Town after the ceremony, I decided to apply to a Nursing College. I was so happy when I heard the news that I had been accepted and that my dreams were going to come true.

My intention is to complete my Nursing Degree and, one day, become a doctor. I know that it won’t be easy but I believe that because of the AET training I received, thanks to HIK Abalone Farm, I now have the skills to make it happen.